Saturday, 23 June 2012

I am a Homeopath

The most amusing interactions in pharmacies are ironic ones:

Customer: Hi! Can I get some Phenergan 25mg tablets please

Me: Sure, it's a pharmacist-only medicine so I'll just need to ask you a few questions.

Customer: You don't need to do that, I am a homeopath*

Me: Oh that's excellent! Let me just go dilute that for you so it conforms with your pseudo-scientific hocus pocus.

Disclaimer: Not all of the above interaction took place, but that goes without saying.

*Homeopaths believe that by diluting a substance to the point of it being just water, it will enhance the substance's effect. For example, a standard 30C homeopathic dilution is tantamount to putting 1ml (around 12 drops) of active substance in a sphere of water that has a diameter of about 131.1 light years in length.

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