Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The Case of the Walking Condoms

Apparently businessmen are more horny than university students

I work in a CBD pharmacy and my clients are mainly suits and corporate people. Yesterday, I received an MPSO* from the medical centre next door for "variety of condoms." Feeling generous, I gave them a mixture of Durex Confidence and Durex Select (oh yes, NZ government fully funds flavoured condoms!).

It turns out, they just put them in the toilet and let patients help themselves. End result? Some wishful-thinking businessman took the whole 144 condoms before midday today. Seriously, I've seen free condoms last longer at student health when I was in varsity.

*Medical Practitioner Supply Order is essentially a prescription from a GP clinic that allows the pharmacy to provide the clinic with some basic essential drugs, flavoured condoms included.

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