Thursday, 18 October 2012

Let's Count More Tablets

A lot of people think that all we do is count tablets. Well, that misconception is about to become even more real with the advent of even bulkier packaging.

Pharmac's way of saying thank you: Out with the old (RHS) and in with the new (LHS)

Your patient needs 360tabs? Psh, don't be lazy and count out only 140 from a full bottle of 500. Let's actually count 360! Lazy pharmacists.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Condom-Stealing Phantom Strikes Again

This is a sequel to the case of the walking condoms. $3 for 144 condoms is apparently not enough a deterrent to condoms being stolen.

Do you see the empty space next to the durex extra safe? Yep, that used to be occupied by durex pleasuremax. No sale history on that either so where did it go? Judging by the amount of Avigra scripts we do, I guess I shouldn't be surprised. At least they are practising safe sex right?!