Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Double-barrelled names are about as useful as mitte: 0 on a prescription

One of the most baffling phenomena I have come across is the way people like to name their kids. None is more useless than DB names (yes! even first names!!). It's an inconvenience to write, an inconvenience to say and an inconvenience to read and type.

You know when you are making a Curam suspension and you have to peel off that paper seal top? Or the annoying desiccant that gets stuck at the exit point of the Synermox bottle? Yea, this is kind of like that. I can deal with it, but I'd rather not.

In a bid to show the world how "progressive" the couple are (you know, gender equality and all that), the two parents have forever doomed their child to facing the question "sorry, how do you spell that?" for the rest of their lives. All I have say to those parents is this: Congratulations, both of you have succeeded in making yourselves resemble a pretentious, Bono-like douche (oh yes, I did just go there, but best save that bono-rant for another day).

Be the bigger man/woman and let your partner name their kids with their last name.

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